Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pringle of Scotland AW2012 LFW

The show of Alistair Carr who joined Pringle of Scotland in March 2011. I was really curious about this collection. It is always very exciting to see new vision this time the vision of Pringle of Scotland by Alistair.

The inspiration for him is PoS team, intarsia and the photographer Watanabe Katsumi.

We could see quite simple shapes and nice connection of colours. I think it is kind of modern smart look, simple  and  attractive at the same time.  

The other thing which i like is the hair stylization, see the colour of hair endings, a great craziness with classic of designs. Thats due Paul Hanlon at Julian Watson Agency using Loreal Paris.

I have my fav pieces like pink jumper- really like this nude pink and the shape

The coats:
Camel coat with mint collar

Oversize coat in navy-foxy colour

Please also see the fantastic jersey collar with white ending; here we can see that just a little detail is creating a beautiful piece!

Few more pics:

The guests of Pringle of Scotland as always impressive:
Jasmine Guinness

Bip Ling

Clara Paget

Clara Paget, Bip Ling, Tallulah Harlech, Mary Charteris

Franca Sozzani the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia

Hilary Alexander
Harold Tillman

Keep an eye on Pringle of Scotland as they are working on new art project, looking forward to see that


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