Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ashish AW 12 Bollywouldn't

I remember my first show of Ashish, it was my first fashion week as well (AW11).

This one I love the most. Is really shiny, colourful with an amazing prints. Everything was looking so beautifull in shining lights and whats more i was sitting just next to Susie Bubble

Ashish presents really brave fashion with great sense of humor, slogans on the shirts, smiley faces on the trousers, power of colours, sequins, kind of sport look with glamorous flavor. In AW12 you can find a lot of diffrent pieces starting with a littlle  shiny sequined shorts and as well  cool  oversized Buddhas on the dresses.

Take a look on the accesories like scarves, amazing face jewellery or rainbows shoes.

Im also a big fan of styling (so big congratulations for Anna Trevelyan at CLM), Unfortunately Im not brave enough to wear this like it was on  on the catwalk but  still i really admire it! I think i would go with one piece per day.. but well Ashish is that kind of designer that even one piece is making your whole outfit!

Good news? Ashish will be working with Topshop again, so keep an eye on it!

The first row was also impressing Nicola Roberts from Girls Alound , Mollie King from The Saturdays, Paloma Faith. Here i have a litlle suprise a short interviews with Molly and Paloma.

Paloma Faith in Ashish btw

glamorous Mollie King

Nicola Roberts



  1. Wow, cool outfits and cool snapshots!

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  4. Oh, this collection is so cool! I've already found some pieces for me = )
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  8. Wow, that's such an interesting and colorful collection!

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  10. Great pics, very interesting and urban collecion!! Thank u for your comment on my blog, u're always welcome there!!


  11. Be Happy. That stood out to me.

  12. Thanks for your comment! The outfits are beautiful. And your snapshots are really cool. I enjoyed visiting your blog and following you now (:


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