Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bora Aksu SS12- "romantic with darker twist" LFW

Turkish designer, Bora Aksu successfull men on the many platforms.. displays at
Selfridges, recipient of Newgen (btw 4 times!) and whats more he met the Queen. His style is kind of romatic but with a darker twist (perfect description of SS12 collection)

BFC catwalk space quite simple catwalk but this time in the middle of catwalk rose's petals, so beautifull and simple variety.

The collection begun with the cream, beige, white soft colours classic Bora Aksu coctails dresses. The transparent fabrics, a lot of collars, very romantic and subtle pieces.

Then we could see the projects more in intesive colours like red, deep navy, turquais,  black. The second part is looking much more heavier the designer attached few pleated fragments but still some of the projects  has the laces and clearances.

As the guests  british, fashion stylist Brix Smith, you should remember her from Gok's Fashion Fix. I had an occasion to chat  with her for a while and she is really nice and lovely person. Also we could see Noele Reno from Fashion TV.

Enjoy the pics!

Brix Smith in the middle

Brix Smith & Noele Reno (Fashion TV)


  1. wow, i really like that catwalk and the collection. especially the white / cream pieces! //dariadaria

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  4. Beautiful collection <3

  5. Unbelievably beautiful collection!!!

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  6. gorgeous blog!
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  7. i love how ethereal, natural and whimsical this collection is


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